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Visit a Welling Clinic today and meet our specialist for a detailed evaluation. Understand how our treatment differs from other Homeopathy clinics, and why we have above 90% referral rate from our happy patients. 

Patients from 108 Countries.

Meet the Homeopathic specialist, who have advised over 1,00,000 patients from 108 countries.
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What we are good at

Treatment Involves

Homeopathy Medicines

Homeopathy medicines chosen for you are selected after a detailed pre-treatment analysis by the specialists.

Dietary Advice

Every disease needs a slight modification in diet. Not drastic changes like introduced by few dieticians but slight tweaking.

Yoga and Minimal Exercise

We also suggest some proven yoga postures, that are known to help in your disease.

Lifestyle Advise

Many diseases currently are due to your lifestyle issues. We note your current lifestyle and suggest any changes if required.

Health Optimization

All this leads to better health optimization and better effect of the Homeopathy treatment on you.

CUREplus Therapy

CUREplus therapy is a new way of Homeopathy treatment developed at Welling Research Labs.

We spend time listening to everything you want to say, because every minute detail is important for us .

I am proud of my Homeopathy specialist who work with me closely to help you recover faster.

Visit a Welling Homeopathy Clinic today to start the recovery process through natural, safe and proven Homeopathy medicines.

Dr.SOURABH Welling,M.D.

Founder, Chairman

Treatment Costs

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All our specialists are experienced to manage your illness due to the quantum of patients we consult to everyday.


Consistent Results At All Clinic

Following a similar treatment protocol at all clinics make us offer you consistent quality at all clinics


100% Satisfaction Assurance

We assure you, we will do everything to help you recover faster and stay healthy for longer.


120+ Years of combined experience

Team of experts to look over every client health issues if required.

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Book an appointment

Usually you can get same or next day appointment with our senior specialist at any Welling Clinic centre. There is a waiting period of 2-3 weeks for consultation with Dr.Welling.

Visit clinic or consult virtually

You can choose to consult online or visit personally

Pickup or get home-delivered

You can pick-up medicines from clinic or get home delivered the medicines.

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How to get started?

Call 8080 850 950 and visit a Welling Clinic.

What is consultation process?

Call +91 8080 850 950 and book an appointment. Visit any clinic for an initial evaluation.

How to consult Dr.Welling?

You need to visit a Welling Clinic initially and consult a specialist at clinic. You can upgrade treatment from clinic to meet Dr.Welling.

Is it only Homeopathy Treatment?

No, Homeopathic medicines are just one part of the treatment. Yoga, Dietary changes and nutritional supplements are other 3 parts.

We cannot visit the clinic?

No problem, you can consult online and get your treatment started instantly. Your medicines will be delivered at your location.

Can we meet Dr.Welling directly?

Yeah, but usually there is a waiting period of around 45-55 days. And we give preference to clinic patients who have already registered.

Is Homeopathy Treatment safe?

Yeah, its natural, without side-effects and at Welling Homeopathy Clinics, we follows a treatment protocol, developed to make Homeopathic treatment, work faster.

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